The energy experts at Spanner Re², Germany, are driving the world forward with technological innovation and a rebrand. With complete solutions and product extensions such as a new dryer, they are revolutionising the sustainable energy generation industry from waste materials as Re².

Spanner Re² GmbH, a pioneer in the development of wood gasification technologies, marks the beginning of a new era in energy production. Under the new name Re² and a redesign of the brand identity, the company announces its revolutionary technology under the motto "Rethink Energy", which makes it possible to produce clean gas from residues and biomass. This technology offers a sustainable alternative to traditional energy sources and represents an efficient addition to the current energy mix.

Re² presents itself as an innovative ‘residual material refiner’ and invites you to take a new look at the possibilities of responsible energy production. "At Re², we don't stop at recycling wood waste - that's where we really start. Our technology not only represents a sustainable energy source, but also symbolises an important step forward in the circular economy," says Thomas Bleul, Managing Director of Re². “Through ‘Rethink energy’ we show that we are driving the world forward with efficient energy solutions.”

Re² is thus positioning itself as a leading force in the energy industry, constantly working on new innovations to establish gas from regionally available residues as the key to sustainable energy production. "Our wood gasification technology enables companies and industries to meet their energy needs in a clean and cost-effective way, while making a positive contribution to CO² reduction," adds Bleul. With a dedicated team of energy experts and a strong focus on research and development, Re² is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The ‘Rethink energy’ call is not only a call to rethink energy, but also a sign of Re²'s commitment to sustainably improving the energy landscape.

The company presents also its new corporate website which rounds off Re²'s new appearance.



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