"Great technology! The sustainable energy source wood is processed into energy," says Minister of State and Deputy Minister President Hubert Aiwanger (member of the state parliament), about the wood gasification technology from Spanner Re². In his speech at the anniversary celebration of Spanner Re² GmbH 1,000 th manufactured power plants, the Minister of State and Deputy Minister President emphasised the importance of wood as a domestic energy source and the important contribution it makes to the energy.

1 stere of spruce wood replaces 130 litres of heating oil

"Wood is sustainable, even available in increasing quantities due to forest conversion and an ideal substitute for fossil energy. One third of Bavaria is forested, with around 700,000 forest owners. One stere of spruce logs replaces 130 litres of heating oil and one tonne of wood pellets replaces over 450 litres of heating oil," said Aiwanger. A short study presented proved that wood heating even has a climate-positive effect, especially also because it replaces fossil fuels. "An increasing proportion of forests in Bavaria are underused and therefore overaged, which means that less CO2 is bound than in more vigorous young forests. Forests must therefore be used more, not closed down," Aiwanger continues. 


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