What does combined heat and power mean?


CHP stands for "combined heat and power". This means that CHP systems not only generate heat from an energy source - as is the case with conventional combustion in boilers - but also electricity at the same time. This makes the systems particularly efficient.

How do Re² biomass power plants work??


Biomass power plants from Re² use a thermochemical process to generate electricity and heat from wood waste or residual materials in a decentralized and demand-oriented manner. The Re² systems consist of a wood gasifier and a combined heat and power unit. The central step takes place in the reformer: In a thermochemical process, in the reformer, direct current operation converts the fuel into a particularly clean natural gas. About one generator creates electricity from it. Energy is also generated in the form of heat. Alternatively, the gas can also be used directly – e.g. for other industrial processes.

How many hours a year do Re²'s CHP systems run?


Many of our customers have system running times of over 8,500 hours per year. However, operation with shorter running times is also economical and easily possible with our flexible systems.

In which performance classes are biomass power plants from Re² available??


CHP systems from Re² are available in a power range from 35 kW electric to several megawatts electric. The modular design of the systems enables maximum flexibility and reliability. This means that the systems can easily handle partial loads and maintenance work can be carried out in parallel - a major advantage over a single large-scale CHP system, which, in contrast to the Re² systems, cannot guarantee a continuous energy supply during necessary service work.

How much savings potential do biomass power plants from Re² offer compared to a diesel genset?


With our hybrid solution for an existing diesel genset, over 26 liters of diesel are saved per operating hour with a gas output of 210 kW. This requires 50 kg of wood. If the maintenance costs for the wood gasifier are also taken into account, over €15 is saved per operating hour, which is over €60,000 per year for 4,000 operating hours! In the case of our diesel-wood gas hybrid system as a complete solution, this even amounts to over 240,000 euros per year, assuming a running time of 4,000 hours.

What material can I use in a gasification system from Re²?


Almost any type of wood or wood waste can be used as fuel: whether forest wood chips, residual forest wood, shredded pallets or processed roadside greenery. Our systems do not require high-quality timber. Biomass power plants from Re² operates with residue materials (in accordance with DIN ISO 17225-1) for energy prdouction. This means that our plants are not in competition with high-quality wood that is intended for material use. On the contrary, they optimally round off the value chain: when wood is processed and used as a building material, for example, residual material is produced that has no material use. In our plants, this residual material can be used to generate energy. Waste wood can also be used profitably in our plants, as can residual materials from industrial processing. This includes, for example, high-calorific plastic waste. The wide range of possible fuels makes Re² gasifiers and CHP plants particularly flexible and sustainable in practice.

Can the self-generated electricity be used for e-cars?


The electricity generated by a Re² biomass power plant can also be used by the customers themselves. This also makes it possible to charge electric cars with your own electricity.

Can a wood gasifier and CHP unit from Re² be combined with other renewable energies?


Biomass power plants from Re² generate electricity and heat regardless of the weather. Our technology is the ideal partner in the mix with other renewable energies. The decentralized energy system from Re² can cover the required base load or take over energy generation at night. When the sun shines, electricity can be generated via PV.
Thanks to its modular design, the wood gasifier technology is very flexible in terms of output. It is also the only renewable energy system that can supply energy at the touch of a button - regardless of weather conditions.



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