Sägewerk Christl betreibt Re² HolzvergaserRobert Christl's sawmill is located northwest of Landshut, in Weihmichl in Germany. Since 2014, Robert Christl has been using a wood gasifier from Spanner Re² to cover the high heat and electricity requirements for his sawmill operations. His energy costs are now minimal. The sawmill owner uses the sawmill residue from wood processing as fuel for wood gasifier.

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Wood gasifier runs 8,4000 hours in 2016

Since installing the HKA 45 in 2014 it has reached approximately 23,000 operating hours by July 2017. In 2016 the wood gasifier displayed exceptional an operational performance of 8,400 hours, that´s 96-% annual utilization.

Residual wood from sawmill operations makes the company almost energy self-sufficient

The use of self-produced wood chips enables the Christl sawmill to have a largely independent energy supply with waste wood as his free fuel. This is because the biomass power plant is operated with the waste wood from the sawmill's operations. The wood, which is chopped to standard size, is dried using thermal energy from the energy plant. The high-quality wood chips can then be fed unscreened into the wood gasifier.

Wood gasifier subsidized 

Robert Christl's biomass power plant is subsidized in accordance with the Combined Heat and Power Act (in German KWK-G). This is particularly interesting if a high level of self-generated electricity is used. The heat generated from wood chips is used to dry the fuel as well as to supply three additional drying chambers, the company buildings and the residential building.


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