The Sonder brothers operate a waste storage site in Switzerland.

Two "HKA 50" biomass power plants have been installed since March 2020. In May 2021 a further "HKA 70" gasifier from Re² was added.

The proven biomass power plants from Spanner Re² generate around 170 kWel and over 350 kWth from wood and supply a local heating network with energy.

Wood chips for wood gasification sourced locally

The brothers obtain the wood required to operate the wood gas plants from the forest in their community.
They process it into wood chips themselves in their factory. This saves costs and makes the operators independent in terms of material supplies.

Using electricity and heat from wood chips for contract drying and local heating network

The brothers feed the electricity generated by the biomass power plants into the public grid for a fee. They currently use the heat generated for contract drying of wood chips, bedding and compost, which they sell via a webshop. In addition, a heating network is planned for the neighbouring village, which will be implemented shortly. 

sonder holzvergaser kaskade




Project information:

  • Plants: 2 x "HKA 50",  1x "HKA 70"
  • Performance: 170 kWel / 350 kWth
  • Start-up: 2x "HKA 50" 2020, "HKA 70" 2021



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