Large Japanese corporation installs CHP systems from Re²

Another major project has been implemented in Japan. A total of 28 biomass power plants, including all peripheral equipment such as a conveyor unit, discharge system and wood chip dryer, have been installed at a large corporation in Japan, supplying the region with climate-friendly electricity with an electrical output of around 1.8 MW.

Corporate uses heat from CHP plants in greenhouses

The generated heat output of around 3.3 MW is used to supply the greenhouses. The biomass power plants are connected in cascade and generate electricity and heat from wood residues according to the principle of combined heat and power generation. A major advantage over conventional large-scale plants is that individual modules can be switched off for maintenance work, but energy generation is still guaranteed.

Electricity is fed into the grid for a fee

In Japan, there is a special remuneration system for renewable energy (state FIT system). The customer receives a subsidy for feeding in electricity from his biomass power plants, which represents a significant source of income for him.


Protecting the population from allergies with help provided by biomass power plants

One of the most common allergy triggers in Japan is pollen from sickle fir ("Japanese cedar"), a type of cypress. This pollen poses a health problem for the population, which is why the utilization of this type of wood is being promoted. In the project, wood chips from this cypress species are used to generate energy, thereby reducing pollen formation. The fuel is dried on site using some of the heat generated.

iwahara hackschnitzel energieerzeugung



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