CO2-neutral energy supply for Diemelstadt with wood chips

Hubertus Wiemers generates CO2-neutral electricity and heat based on wood gas with the Re² energy system. He uses the heat to supply a local heating network in Diemelstadt (Germany) and feeds the electricity into the grid for a fee.


Ecofriendly wood power plant for Diemelstadt

The four wood gasifiers from Re² have a thermal output of around 400 kW, while the large CHP unit installed has an electrical output of around 250 kW. The produced electricity can cover the annual electricity requirements of district "Rhoden" with around 2000 inhabitants.

Three HKA 70 and one HKA 45 energy systems from Spanner Re² GmbH generate CO2-neutral energy in Diemelstadt.

Regional energy sources for gasifiers

Fossil fuels do not fit into Diemelstadt's concept. That is why sustainability was chosen for energy generation. The Re² power plant uses regional energy sources: waste wood from the region and wood chips from construction timber is used to generate energy.

Heat from wood-fired power plant for drying wood chips

The wood chips are dried using a moving floor dryer, which uses the thermal energy from the wood-fired power plant. Drying takes place "on the fly" - depending on requirements. Only a small intermediate bunker buffers between the wood power plant and the moving floor dryer.


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